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My initial consultation is FREE. I do a free consultation for a couple of reasons.

To begin with, I don't accept every person who comes to see me as a patient, and I don't think it's fair to charge someone just to tell them that I'm not going to take their case.

I also think that new people to my office need to know what to expect with regards to how my office runs, what treatment they will need, and get an idea of what their costs will be before they spend any money.

In most cases we can start treatment, if you wish to do so, on your first visit. So, I'll do a consultation with you, explain what I found and what I recommend, and if I accept your case and you want to get started with treatment, I will usually do a treatment on that first visit. Now, there is a charge for whatever treatment you get on that first visit, but you'll have the opportunity to decline any services that you will be charged for before I provide them.

With all of that in mind, here's a basic rundown of what I charge for different levels of service:

At the high end, a visit that consists of functional joint correction with conventional chiropractic treatments, the ProAdjuster (or other techniques as needed) along with soft tissue release and other massage techniques and/or other health counseling or procedures will take approximately 30 minutes or more of direct contact time with me, Dr.Best. This is most typical of the initial visit in my office and occasionally visits for the chronic or severe cases that require a lot of work to correct, or for people with multiple problem areas that require additional time for treatment. This type of visit is $100.00 (with the exception of Medicare patients - see below).

What is a more typical office visit includes joint correction with the ProAdjuster (or other techniques as needed) and usually some brief soft-tissue release and other massage techniques and will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes of direct contact time with me. That type of visit is $55.00

My Office Insurance Policies

Since the vast majority of the patients I see in my office do not require a large amount of treatment, most will be far better off in the long run financially if they simply pay out of pocket for their care and not file claims with their insurance company.

In addition, I like having the autonomy to do what I feel is appropriate to get my patients the best results possible as quickly as possible. Many insurance company payment policies are designed to "ration" care, limiting what they will cover on each visit.

By their rules, you'd have to come to my office a lot more often, spending more of your precious time and burning more of your expensive gasoline, to get the same results.

So, to make things easier (for you and for me), more efficient, and less expensive for you, I do not file insurance claims.

If you have Medicare, the law says that if I accept you as a patient, I have to file claims with Medicare for your covered charges - namely chiropractic adjustments.

Since I don't like Medicare's rules, but I also don't want to get in legal trouble, I do something rather unique for my Medicare patients: I don't charge them for chiropractic adjustments!

Chiropractic adjustments in my office that would ordinarily be covered by Medicare are offered to you at no charge. If you opt to get additional massage treatment when recommended (a service that currently is not covered by Medicare), there is a charge of $45, but this service is not required if you do not want it. If all you want is the adjustment, there is no charge.

If you do have insurance besides Medicare, and you still want to use it, my office will provide you with a receipt that includes insurance codes so that you can submit the bill to your insurance and be reimbursed under the terms of your policy.

Special Announcement For Employees Of SAS Comfort Shoes:

If you happen to be an employee of SAS Comfort Shoes, we are directly contracted with SAS to provide chiropractic and other holistic healthcare services through their self-insured program. The insurance program SAS offers is much different than most insurance programs and does not have the problems discussed above. SAS employees can receive services in our office for just a $10 co-payment per visit, regardless of the services provided.


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